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Are You a Beginner or an Expert?

Are you a beginner or an expert? Before you answer this, consider this statement from Shunryu Suzuki: “in the beginner’s mind there are many possibilities and in the expert’s mind there are few.” Why is this? Why are the experts so narrowminded and what opportunities might they be missing because of this? Think back to […]


How To Resonate With a Multi-Cultural Audience

Have you ever experienced a situation where you presented an idea or proposal to a person or group of people and you thought your presentation was clear and concise, easy to understand and persuasive, only to have your audience completely disengaged, totally confused or completely opposed to what you were presenting? I think we have […]


How Can We Make Projects Anti-Fragile?

Nassim Taleb has written a book entitled Antifragile: Things That Gain from Disorder  in which he basically defines fragile, robust and anti-fragile as; Fragile – things that are harmed by volatility (e.g., glass bowl, economy, etc.) Robust – things that are not harmed or helped by volatility (e.g., a rock) Anti-fragile – things that thrive […]


What Kinds of Questions is Your Organization Asking?

“Organizations gravitate toward the questions they ask” (David Cooperrider) Cooperrider is basically saying that your organization takes on the culture of the questions being asked by the leaders. In his book “A More Beautiful Question“, Warren Berger explained it this way: if your leaders ask questions like; “why are we falling behind our competitors and who […]


Code of Ethics

I recently read “Die Empty” by Todd Henry. This is an amazing book that challenges the reader to understand their purpose and to live out their life fully so that they will not have any “unwritten novels, never launched businesses, unreconciled relationships and all the other things that people thought ‘I’ll get around to that […]


Focused and Clear Communications

Thousands of years ago, a Hebrew story was recorded about an ancient building project called the Tower of Babel ( As the story goes, people on earth at that time came together to build a tower that would “reach to the heavens”. These people all spoke the same language, communication with each other was easy […]